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Hi Finn :3 This is really great clone! I think you reflected the essence of the game quite well, especially through the visual look. I thought the use of the static screen overlay was unique and added another element of visual excitement, although I wish it didn't blur out the frame the animations were held within, as it felt disconnected from the crisp look of the fonts and sprites. I liked the move towards arrow keys instead of the original keys as it made it easier to navigate around the animations. I think the rate at which animations slow down could be adjusted, I found it a bit too easy to keep everything moving constantly. Overall I think this was a beautiful clone!

Great recreation! You really nail the look and feel of the original game. I love that all the sprites seem to be rendered in 3d but have that 2d filter over them, really giving the old 80's game look, but I love the use of the screen filter, i thought something was wrong with my machine at first but then I realized it was the game. 

This is such a well constructed clone! The built-in audio is a nice touch, and your recreation of the animations (such as the DNA and cells) is fluid yet still reminiscent of Deus Ex Machina. The wraparound is very nice, but for me is makes  keeping things moving a tad too easy.  I could just hold a button and just that for a time. Nice work!

If you ask me, this is an improvement over the original in almost every category (the artistic vision of an experimental game is, of course, difficult to judge, but I can at least say that I prefer your iteration strictly in regards to playability and visual design). The CRT filter is a nice touch, and (I'm not sure whether or not this was possible in the original game) I enjoyed being able to wrap around the screen to reach otherwise inaccessible spinning objects. I've only got two criticisms: First, if I'm able to reset the audio countdown multiple times over, I should be able to reset the on-screen countdown as well to ensure they're in sync. The only other issue is that the spinning objects are a bit slow to react to collision (this was most detectable on the first screen, I'm not sure if it's a problem elsewhere), but that's not really a big deal. Awesome job!