You are a cat and you must kill all 20 rats in the basement. Rats will run away if they see you and you can't move while attacking, so try to use your agility to sneak up on them when they don't expect you.

WASD - Movement
Hold Space - Prepare Jump (Jump power is indicated on the bar on the right side of the screen)
Release Space - Jump
Left Mouse Click - Attack (Unable to move while attacking)

Music Credit (Edited with Bit Crushing and Reverb)

'Sewer Adventure'
Song a Day 2016 by Jeffrey Brice is licensed under a Creative
Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Lil Postmortem:
This was originally meant to feel a little more Nu-Doom like (I still have a demonic recording instructing you to offer blood sacrifices to elder servants). The idea was that cats will sometimes kill rats and leave them as gifts for their owners, even though most owners find that gross. The justification for that behavior would be that this cat sees itself as enacting some sort of cosmic justice. That concept still bleeds through into the overall aesthetic, particularly in the visor, but got buried due to lack of time. The player physics are a little wonky, but in terms of making a stealthy arena to move around in with agile powers, I'm pretty happy with it. The jump mechanic is something I've been toying with for a while, and this is certainly the best and most appropriate implementation I've managed. Stalking the rats through the holes in the pipes is particularly enjoyable, and I think I struct a good balance between a fairly dark, dim basement, but with enough visual indicators that the rats arn't too difficult to find. The rat AI itself certainly needs some work (I dont know why they stand in place so much), but they've improved significantly at avoiding the player, forcing a stealthy approach. At the least, they work well as a creepy crowd of pattering feet. Not the most complete game I've made, but I think there's plenty in it to keep exploring, so I'm relatively happy with it.

Made withUnity


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I've always struggled on writing enemy AIs and the way you managed to pull this off and even letting them navigate through the gate is quite impressive to me. However, I’m kinda surprised that there isn’t a pounce system which basically means your jumping force is semi directed by the pitch of your mouse. IMP this would both add a layer of skill expression, and make the game more realistic.

This was so fun!! My favorite part about this was the design of the environment. At first I was trying to figure out how to get the rats without having to move up the stairs until I realized that all I had to do was jump on things. I think you did an amazing job making taking the perspective of a cat and turning it into a game. It definitely felt diegetic! I truly felt like I had to take my time and try to be stealthy to try and catch the rats and it definitely took a lot of patience. As for the controls, they smooth and I had no trouble with it. The only critique I have is the audio the rats make in comparison to everything else. It's a bit loud and doesn't seem to fit the feel of the game too much. That's a very small critique however. Other than that, nice job with this!

Fin this is such a cool game! The robo-scat vibe I get from it is super fun and unique! The jumping around a going thorough the pipes in the ceiling is super cool and the stealth is manages super well. I feel that the movement of the cat when jsut walking around feel a bit slippy if that makes sense but the jump is purrfect! Love this game!

Another awesome project! I love the color palette, the lighting and shaders. I love the cat paws and mouse model. I LOVE the visor, it's a great touch that I think makes the project work really well because of the goofiness of it. AI is really hard to get to work well, and very hard to balance gameplay-wise, so I think you definitely did a great job in just 1 week. Stealth is VERY hard to code, and I found myself just running straight at the mice when they were in the open. You covered most of my critiques already in your post-mortem, the one thing I would add is that the audio could be balanced better. The mice squealing was a bit too loud and I couldn't hear the music very well, and I never heard the mice walk at all.

Overall though, This is the same great work I've come to expect!

This game definitely does the whole "bloodthirsty killer" energy incredibly effectively. The ambience was so intense it was a little stressful. This was good, though, you very effectively caputred the creepy, intense thing you were trying to portray, from the killing sound to the background music to the post processing you used. I especially loved the framing on the User Interface that gave the player experience a deeper cat iconography.

Critique: This is really small but I think the cutting sound, although very effective, its quality didn't quite match the audio profile of the music? This is obviously a critique that's reaching for SOMETHING to critique, so it's a super small detail that I personally don't know how to fix. I feel like everything else fits together so well that's the one loose end.

Like the cutting sound itself is good but the quality of it isn't great is what I'm saying.